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HAHA, Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes (a Lighthearted Enterprise) founded by Janet Lifshin, April 1, 2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The mission of the HAHA is to bring healing humor to the community by hosting community events and bringing humor to community locations. We are members of the World Laughter Tour (www.worldlaughtertour.com) and Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (www.aath.org). Our programs include those that we create as well as incorporating laughter clubs. We celebrate all aspects of healing humor.

Janet Lifshin is a writer,speaker, enterpreneur, Minister of Mirth (Alliance of Divine Love Chapel 698), Certified Laughter Leader, Certifed Family Life Educator and a lady, known for spreading happiness and laughter where ever she goes. Janet has been sharing laughter programs since 1995.

call 561-478-4978 or mobile 561-478-8380

 Email: thehahalady@aol.com

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