The Healing Power of Laughter

By Janet S. Lifshin, Certified Laughter Leader aka The HAHA Lady

Connecting hearts with love, laughter and inspiration



Humor like magic changes things. What would you like to change?

Changes + choices + chuckles = cheerfulness


Smile for a while and the laughter WILL follow




Loosens you up



Gives you pleasure


Tickles away your troubles

Energizes you

Relieves tension and STRESS


Seeming Terrific Reasons Everyone Seems Silly!


Laughter is contagious- go spread some joy..




How is your GPA?

Gratitude * Perception *Attitude


Attitude is Important * Perception Is Everything * Am I grateful for what I have? Is my cup half full?

How important is it? Will I be able to laugh at this someday? How about NOW!




Benefits of laughter



Physical Health Benefits

Boosts the immune system Rebalances the bodys stress chemicals

Improves digestion


Mental Health

Reduces anger and anxiety Increases creativity

Increases joy and aliveness Diminishes social isolation

Improves self confidence


Work Related

Improves team building Increases productivity

Reduces absenteeism Connects people



Builds self confidence Builds positive outlooks and attitudes

Increases oxygen supply, which improves mental functions and academic performance



Laughter opens the heart for love He/she who laughs lasts


Laugh And U Get Happy


Its not happiness that makes us laugh

Its laughter that makes us happy..

The Bee Happytudes- 3 steps to reaching your goals

1. Keep going until you get there. Wherever there is. Never Give UP.

2. You dont have to know where there is. Life is a journey.

3. Enjoy the journey. Bee in the moment.



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