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A Lighthearted Look At Life - Going Backwards to Go Forwards
  “A Lighthearted Look At Life” Going Backwards? By Janet S. Lifshin “I can go backwards now,” exclaimed my sixteen-year-old son upon hearing that the transmission was repaired on his car. As he squealed with delight about his new found freedom, I pondered on how profound his words were. Then I found myself listening to Joan Borysenko, author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind speaking at Unity of the Palm Beaches enlightenment series. She started her talk about the importance of going backwards and did the George Carlin routine about starting life from the end. While I had never heard George Carlin do that routine, my ears perked up to listen to the connection to her use of humor in her presentation and to my son’s message. Have you ever thought to yourself about going backwards as a positive event? . Like a car that can go both forwards and reverse and can also stay still when necessary. In my twenties I went to my first career development seminar as we were asked to imagine our lives in the future, including writing our epitaphs. How did we want to be remembered? Where were we, who were we with, what had we accomplished? I have been to many of those seminars since then. Each one has been a powerful experience into the unknown and into the known as they help uncover things about ourselves. I invite you to now take a look at your life as it is now. How did you get where you are? Is there something you would like to do that you are not doing now? Is there a theme that runs through your life? If you could live your life over, what would you eliminate? Was there even a car you bought that was pretty on the outside but was a “lemon” on the inside? We cannot go back and change the past, however, we can learn from it. If we don’t get the lesson the first time, trust me on this one, we will keep getting the tests. For example, if you need to learn to speak up for yourself, you will see that there have been lots of people in your life who seem to be controlling you. As you go back and look at these experiences, you will begin to see answers or at least get clues. When you can take a moment to look at the life experiences and ask what the lesson is, you will come to the AHA experience. That’s when the light bulbs flash you have the answer you were searching for. Sometimes, the answers are right there and we are too busy to see them. Like my son, I once had a car that wouldn’t go backwards. I remember vividly as I had gone past the ATM and tried to go in reverse to get some cash. There I was, I couldn’t go backwards, and I couldn’t go forwards either. It was one of those times when you I had to sit still. It is in that stillness, that the answers come. Janet Lifshin is founder of the HAHA, Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes, A Lighthearted Enterprise. She can be reached at 561-478-8380, Email Redi2write@aol.com


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