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Sept 2006
  September 11, 2006 For Immediate Release Local HAHA Lady to be featured on The Today Show Wed Sept 13th For information call Janet Lifshin 561-478-8380 (mobile) or email thehahalady@aol.com Itís never to late to find happiness according to Janet Lifshin, Founder of The Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes (www.thehaha.com) fondly known as the HAHA Lady. She is going to be featured in a segment on happiness on the TODAY show Wed Sept 13th, scheduled to air between 8 am and 9 am on NBC, WPTV channel 5. When asked if she is so happy because she has an easy life, she replied, ďmy life probably has more challenges than most. It is how you look at life not about what happens in life.Ē Janetís journey to happiness started during very difficult times in her life, including her overcoming a back injury that left her unable to walk, adopting interracially and the illness and death of her husband when her son was eight years old. Janet continues to overcome many challenges and shares her positive outlook on life. How timely that this segment airs the same week as we recall the devastation of Sept 11. Janet was trained as a grief counselor and turned her grief into joy and shares her gift of laughter and overcoming challenges by inspiring others to reach their dreams and goals. The segment was filmed in West Palm Beach at the Panera Bread, 771 Village Boulevard Village Blvd with Janet sharing her creative and fun approach to life in a program called, Access Your Inner Princess followed by a bubble playground. The public is invited to Panera Bread on Sept 13th at 6 pm to see a tape of the segment as well as meet Janet and the princesses that were part of the filming. For more information contact Janet at 561-478-4978 or email thehahalady@aol.com

July 2006
  It's time for our Ice Cream Social. Here's the info and please RSVP so that we have enough ice cream. Also, if you want to tell me your favorite flavor and favorite topping that would be helpful. In honor of National Ice Cream Month, we will be having our annual ice cream social. This year it will be on Saturday Night July 29 at the United Metaphysical Church on Sunny Lane and Haverhill Road. 6:30 pm. We will be combining National Clown Week which falls the first week of August with the Ice Cream Social. So come as you are and be prepared to be a clown. We will access our inner clowns and also learn about the very important clown chakra's. We will start the evening off with a Pot Luck Dinner so bring something wonderful to share. Then we will practice being clowns and end the evening enjoying ice cream.$10.00 suggested donation Ice cream will be supplied so please RSVP so we have enough treats...

April May 2006
  April 18 American Lung Association Breath Easy Club- Laughter workshop May 13 Multicultural Festival Riveria Beach - Fun with bubbles call or email for details


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