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Programs For Children

The Tickle Monster (great for Kindergarten and First Graders- great for a Birthday Party, TOO)

Making Manners Fun (Yes, Manners can be fun)

 Japanese Bookmaking (Learn ancient ways combined with modern methods)

 Making Manners Fun with Doll Making (can be adapted for birthday parties)

The Circus Comes To Camp (great end of the summer activity or party idea)

and of course BUBBLES

The Tickle Monster and ME
  This interactive and expressive unit will offer children integration of storytelling, making and decorating their own book and movement to music. Stuffed toys to represent the various characters will be used for the children to interact with including a tickle monster and an oversized tickle me Elmo. The story is about the fearless teddy bear that isn’t afraid of anything except the Tickle Monster. The teddy bear does what a teddy bear knows to do and hugs the Tickle Monster, which solves the problem. The children will them make and decorate books using die cut teddy bears. The children will explain to the group their books and then dance to the Teddy Bear song, which starts with “I never met a Teddy Bear I didn’t like.” They will then get to hug the big Elmo and get to practice giggling Goals: 1. Students will learn problem-solving skills 2. Students will make their own book. 3. Students will get to laugh and have fun while learning new skills. Can also be adapted for BIRTHDAY Parties

Making Manners Fun
  Children will learn what manners and etiquette are in fun and creative ways. From stories about manners, games, music and handouts they will learn the importance of manners. They will design wood rulers with gold glitter glue to learn the lesson of the golden rule: “ do onto others as they would do onto you.” They will play games about manners and make their own game to take home. They will “measure” their manners with helpful handouts and they will learn table manners by making a paper placemat. They will experience playground manners by playing outside with bubbles. The topics covered will include Introductions/ Respect/Rules Being Courteous/ Kindness/Cooperation Manners in Public Places/School/Playground Trustworthiness/ Honesty Table Manners Respecting Differences Saying Thank You/ Appreciating Others Goals: 1. Students will learn the importance of following rules. 2. Students will reinforce the manners they already know as well as learn new skills. 3. Students will have fun while learning.

Japanese Bookmaking and MORE
  Max # of Students: 15 Description: Students will learn the ancient art of Japanese Bookmaking as well as modern day techniques of crafting books from materials that are easily available. Pictures will be taken of their completed books and the pictures will be given to the children to use in writing their own books called “The Book About Me.” Using stickers and stencils and art supplies they will craft their books. They will learn about acrostics, which will be used to write their story using the letters of their names. This fun and educational activity builds self-esteem. . Goals: 1. Students will tie in history to modern day books. 2. Students will build self-esteem. 3. Students will learn about a different culture.

Circus Comes To Camp

Students learn about clowning and humor. They will learn what is a clown, what are clown costumes, the history of clowning including the court jester and the importance of clowning and how to be a clown as well as laughter for no reason from the World Laughter Tour. They will then integrate these ideas into the circus and the various aspects of putting on a circus. Using props such as hula hoops, stuffed animals and balls they will become Lion tamers and jugglers. Circus music will also be provided to enhance the learning experience.


  1.  Children will learn about history in a fun way.
  2. Children will explore humor in a new way.
  3.  Children will use performance skills to demonstrate what they have learned.

Making Manners Fun WITH DOLLS
  Children will learn what manners and etiquette are by making a doll that represents an activity that they might attend such as a wedding, family reunion, or party. They will decorate their dolls for the event that they choose which includes fabrics and hair selections and making the clothes and adding accessories. They will then learn the etiquette that would be required at that event and then present their finished project to the group. They will learn about invitations, table manners, thank yous and other appropriate selections that go with their project. Goals: 1. Students will be able to use their creativity while learning valuable social skills. 2. Students will gain individual skills and group sharing, too. 3. Students will be introduced to sewing skills.

Program Information
  Janet Lifshin, The HAHA Lady has been providing after-school and summer camp programs for many years. She is now affiliated with the Center for Creative Education, located in West Palm Beach, Florida. For after care and summer camps located in Palm Beach, County Florida, many of her programs can be accessed through the Center for Creative Education. Please contact Janet via email or phone to get current information.

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles
  Anyone that knows, Janet Lifshin, The HAHA Lady, knows that she loves bubbles and she loves to share her love of bubbles. Her love of bubbles was seen on the Today Show in Sept of 2006, at Sunfest May 2007, The Riviera Beach Multicultual Festival - Bringing all People Together May 2005, 2006 and 2007 and many, many more places including after school, summer camps, private bithday parties and events. She is available for events, parties and now has created a bubble package that schools, after care programs and summer camps can purchase that includes the items that she uses to create what she calls The Bubble Playground along with staff training and materials to use with children. For information please call 561-478-8380 or toll free 877-327-7587 or email thehahalady@aol.com

Contact Info
  Contact Janet Lifshin The HAHA Lady 561-478-8380 toll free 1-877-327-7587 Email:Thehahalady@aol.com


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