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  On APRIL 1, 2003, We celebrated the one year anniversary of the HAHA at the Around The World Art Village and Cafe in WEST Palm Beach, Florida with great fun, wonderful entertainment by Charles Lambert, Your Inner Edge - mind, body techniques and Raphael,aka Ron Kahn with his musical laughing program. We laughed and danced the night away. Thanks to Yvonne Zarza and the PIE group for participating and Gale Daniel for checking everyone in. We had a guest appearance by Rudi Kazoodi, clown extrodainaire and Jo Delucia from the Sunday morning Hutchinson Island Laughter Club. There were quite a few other characters there and we will feature them at future HAHA events as we ran out of time from all the fun we had singing and dancing and lots of laughter. Cannot wait to see the video. John Jackson the owner of Around The World Art Village had a photographer doing lots of pictures and a video of the entire evening... We all got ot sing, Janet Laughing Planet to be featured on the forthcoming CD, A Laughing Space by Ron Kahn. After celebrating the HAHA's one year anniversary in West Palm Beach, Janet was invited to Savannah, Georgia to be part of their kick off event. The transcript below is from WSAV News in Savannah. National Humor month is 27 years old. For more info go to www.larrywilde.com Make every day a humorous day.

  Apr 5, 2003 Laughter the Best Medicine Holly Hungerford It's something most of us probably don't do enough, especially during tense times of our lives - but laughter can seriously lighten things up. "When you're laughing, you're in total bliss and so it's a way to peace, inner peace," says Laughter Leader Janet Lifshin. She leads laughter clubs/classes in West Palm Beach, Florida. She’s here to help Robyn Sadler get the first Savannah club off the ground. It was held at ToySmart off Eisenhower Saturday April 5th. Lifshin believes laughter is a serious matter as doctors have documented the healing affects of it. "Most important thing that laughing does is build relationships. We need that more than ever today. Our lives are so busy and disconnected..if we can have a reason to come together to laugh," Lifshin says. She's been helping people to laugh for several years now- getting them to guffaw and giggle. But some might say laughing just a little bit every day is enough. Lifshin doesn't think so: "No it's not enough…the fact is, children laugh 3 to 400 times a day and adults laugh 10 to 15 times a day. It's not enough you know, we think we're laughing but we're not." The most important thing about laughter Lifshin says, is that you're not just laughing to be silly- you're laughing with a purpose. "To develop friendships but to also be healthy and to be happy and to be peaceful..what a mission!" You can find out more information about a laughter club close to you by calling 1-800-NOW-LAFF. Robyn Sadler is leading a Savannah group and can be reached at 912-663-4800 or by email robyn306@aol.com. Kristina Pasqualone heads up a Hilton Head Island group and can be reached at 843-816-4642 or by email, laughwithus@aol.com. This story can be found at: http://www.wsav.com/news/local/MGBK97I76ED.html

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