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  On April 1, 2002 the HAHA had its first gathering at the Around The World Art Village and Cafe. Over 50 laughter lovers gathered to experience hours of entertainment including childrens entertainment, singing, magic, comedy and laughter club demonstrations by Certified Laughter Leaders from the World Laughter Tour. A funny hat contest was also held.

  We continued to hold events the first monday of the month,with the May event being held at the Around The World Art Village with special guest Vanessa Vendola. We topped off the evening with a laughter club demonstration. In June we moved to Pete Rose's Ballpark Cafe in Boynton Beach, with Tootsie the Clown as our guest performer. We topped the evening off with a laughter club demonstration and also got to meet Pete Rose, himself who agreed to have his picture taken with our founder, Janet Lifshin.


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