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"When you change your heart, you will change your life," artist and author Glenda Green says.

  Those words had a big impact on West Palm Beach resident Janet Janae Lifshin, who joined the Alliance of Divine Love as a minister in December of 2000, and founded the Humor Alliance for Healthy Attitudes, or the HAHA. The HAHA sponsors events throughout Palm Beach County highlighting humor as a therapy tool and offering laughter clubs by certified laughter leaders from the World Laughter Tour. The HAHA also raises money for organizations that promote happiness and healthy living. One of its fund-raisers generated $400 to bring Green to West Palm Beach for the annual Alliance of Divine Love fall conference, scheduled for Friday through Sunday at Unity of the Palm Beaches. Linda Marie Nelson of Boynton Beach, president of the alliance's Florida board of directors, also was impressed by Green's philosophy. "Glenda's message of love is aligned with the Alliance of Divine Love's mission, and we are so very blessed to have Ms. Green sharing with us, in person," Nelson says. Lifshin and Nelson are two of the 31-year-old alliance's more than 1,300 ministers worldwide. Barbara Selwa founded the local alliance; it operates out of the Palm Beach Center for Living in Palm Beach Gardens. The alliance's Florida board of directors includes Laurie Anderer, vice president; Peg Gordon, secretary; Diane Montgomery, treasurer; Barbara Hanshaw, ministerial teacher; Karen Malfregeot; Loretta Milani; Patricia Miller; Charlotte McGinnis; Ellen Sherman; Lynette Tucker Colvin; and Carla Ewing. A healing and service ministry, the alliance offers ongoing classes, as well as a weekly inspiration on Wednesday nights, and a weekly celebration on Sunday mornings. The alliance's mission is to seek and share knowledge that promotes spiritual and mental growth while insuring stability and balance, according to Lifshin. The goal of every minister is to promote that growth through love. Ministers are ordained following a 12-week course and a one-year internship. There also is a doctoral program for ministers who have been ordained two or more years. Upon becoming ordained, ministers take the Oath of the Rose: "Through this oath I pledge myself to love, to be love's channel, in service to all mankind, through preaching, teaching, counseling, and all other aids needed. To promote peace, truth, joy and enlightenment, I give myself to God's Ministry." Each year at the fall conference, seasoned ministers retake the oath along with new ministers. Tickets for Sunday's speech by Green cost $50. For information about the Alliance of Divine Love, call (561) 662-8758 or visit the Web site at www.allianceofdivinelove.org High Notes is a human-interest feature that runs weekly. To make suggestions for this column, please contact Amy Woods at (561) 820-4935 or awoods@pbpost.com

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